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Being a manager in an agile environment is a challenging job. You know on one hand, that self-organizing teams are essential in order to succeed but on the other hand, at the same time it feels a little uncomfortable not to be totally in control about what is going on. Maybe you have also questioned your own position and relevance now that the agile train have started rolling. You are met by expectations from your peers and employer to be on top of things, and you are told by your team members to back off and get out of their way. Life is not that easy for you, is it?

The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) is the Scrum Alliance educational program for people like you. It aims at providing you the best possible frameworks and tools in order to foster an agile culture for high performance in your organization. It will help you and your company to BE agile in stead of just DO Scrum.

The Certified Agile Leadership has been developed by coaches who are affiliated with Scrum Alliance as a two-level certification program. It has learning objectives in five areas, which are: The Context for AgileAgile OverviewLeadership in an Agile ContextThe Agile Organization and Agile Approaches to Change.

Only the Scrum Trainers with the highest expertise can be approved to deliver the CAL program. The requirements for this are combinations of being a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), having a certification or
accreditation in a recognized leadership development program, as well as having proved leadership development skills.

At agile42 we are among the firsts who have been approved to deliver the CAL program. We have taken the framework of the program, mixed it with our unique concept for accelerated learning, our years of experience in delivering leadership trainings and developed a sustainable program.


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